push to start design was founded in October of 2017 by myself. If you don't know anything about making vinyl decals, you will be surprised to find that it can all be done by a single person! Although PTSD is still relatively young, I have been making vinyl decals since 2015. I have created designs and decals for GH Motors, Duncan Motors, Illumaesthetic, Miata Club, and many more!

With Push To Start Design, I have created many custom designs for people in need. For example, an instagram username or tag:

As well as my own designs:

I've made several windshield banners and a couple of side stripes when requested (large decals):

I worked to design and create button pins and keychains that looked like popular wheels for cars, such as Volk Rays TE37s, Enkei RPF1s, Advanti Storms, and many more:

One of my favorite projects is my Rad or Vaporwave-styled racing numbers. Each design is custom to what the customer wants, works with their approved number, and features hand-layered vinyl. Included are a few other simpler numbers that I have made for people:

Many of the designs I created for PTSD were inspired by pre-existing designs; many of them were not. Many of my designs have failed to gather much attention, but others have been relatively popular. You can guess which ones are and are not:

Other decals I have made:

You can contact me at:


or DM IG@pushtostartdesign

to purchase or request your own decals.

I have many colors of vinyl available, but to be sure I have exactly the color you would prefer, please send me a message! I typically use Oracal 651 permanent adhesive vinyl or EnduraGLOSS vinyl, with some exceptions due to color limitations. 

I charge a flat rate of $5 per order for shipping. I do not take returns, but I will work with you if your decal is damaged in shipping or does not apply properly and needs to be replaced (immediately after purchase).

"Never Give Up, Never Surrender."

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