1989-1997 NA Mazda Miata (Casper)

Wireframe and ambient occlusion renders of my low-poly and high-poly Mazda Miata model, based off my own car. Low-poly limited to 3500 tris. High-poly still in progress. Box modeled from scratch using reference images. Rendered using aistandardsurface shaders and studio lighting for the turnaround, studio lighting and skydome IBL for frame renders.

Star Trek TOS Enterprise Bridge

Wireframe and ambient occlusion renders of the Starship Enterprise NCC-1701 bridge deck. Modeling utilizing duplicate special, Live objects, and extrusion modeling techniques. Turnaround coming soon.

Character Model: Ellie (Half-Elf Swashbuckler Rogue)

Wireframe and ambient occlusion renders of my custom character based off of my D&D character, Ellie the half-elf swashbuckler rogue. Model started with box modeling and duplicate special/mirror, followed by retopolization for better topology and extra details in ZBrush, as well as posing in ZBrush. Hair was modeled in ZBrush.

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