Project X: Chiaroscuro

featuring Arnold shaders and lights. All backgrounds rendered with aistandardsurface shaders. Characters and interacting objects rendered with custom aistandardsurface toon shaders. Renders shown are straight out of Maya, before compositing and effects.

Simple Bubble Shader + Skydome IBL

featuring Arnold shaders, a skydome light, and IBLs. My take on a bubble shader utilizing coat and thin film. Different IBLs showcase the colors and transparency of the shader.

NA Miata Scene Challenge

featuring Arnold shaders, area lights, mesh lights, and skydome. Models found online.

Museum Scene Challenge

Arnold shaders, lights, and skydome. To replicate different times of day.

Lamborghini Aventador Showroom Render

Arnold shaders and area lights to imitate showroom photography. Model found online.

Miscellaneous Renders

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