Andi Stolzman is an artist. She recently graduated from Cogswell Polytechnical College with a Bachelors of Arts in Digital Arts and Animation with a focus on lighting and shading. She has worked both individually and with a team on projects, including producing a short for Cogswell's Project X. She also dabbles on the 3D effects side with particle effects, fluid dynamics, and nCloth. Additionally, her passion for photography has never ceased. Beginning in 2010 with a Canon Powershot, Andi has participated in several photography classes (including darkroom photography) and has not stopped shooting since. 

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You can also find Andi on several social media sites including linkedin, facebook, and instagram. She also runs a small business, Push To Start Design, which can be found on facebook (/pushtostartdesign) and instagram (@pushtostartdesign)!

"Never Give Up, Never Surrender."

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